27 January 2015


Today we are lucky enough to be seeing a beautiful new Paperchase collection for Spring Summer 2015 that has not yet been released. 'Safari Park' is a full range of products featuring stylised safari animals such as elephants, giraffes, and zebras. The animal motifs featured really nice little bits of detailing such as dots and hatching whilst still remaining beautifully simple. The colours are smart and should appeal to both boys and girls and the collection covers everything from erasers to dinnerware. Don't forget this range is not yet available but will be something good to look forward to at Paperchase this Spring/Summer.


Our second Paperchase preview today is a forthcoming range called 'Jungle Fever'. This is an exotic mix of colourful jungle blooms on black, vivid birds and feathers, and spikey grass palms. There will also be quirky cockatoo ceramics for a really tropical summer look. Jungle Fever has not yet arrived in stores but this post gives us a sneak peek at what we can expect to see in Paperchase later this year.

26 January 2015

PAPERCHASE - geek kitty

Today we are looking at some of the new spring arrivals at Paperchase. The first new range of stationery featured is the colourful and fun 'Geek Kitty'. The design is a mixture of digital photo collage and neon flouro colours. The cute kitten wearing oversized glasses is the main motif but there are also further cats created from chopping cat pictures and textures and re-assembling them into new forms. Finally there is a secondary print of little hand drawn grey triangles to compliment the main designs. Scroll down for more Paperchase and tune in tomorrow to see a sneak preview of two really new fab ranges that have not yet been released. Geek Kitty can be seen in full online here.

PAPERCHASE - indigo dreams

Our next Paperchase spring arrival is Indigo Dreams a blue and white themed collection of hexagonal prints and denim florals. There are plenty of ceramics in the range for an afternoon tea theme such as cups and saucers, cake stands, and tea a teabag holder, plus all the usual stationery, bags and gift items. Indigo Dreams is in stores now and online.